Compare the ranks of Canadian geographies (provinces, cities) over the years along the four dimensions of immigrant integration.

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CIMI rankings make it possible to assess complex data as it relates to integration. Rankings are based on CIMI models using socio-demographic controls in order to ensure an “apples to apples” comparison across Canadian geographies. The table below demonstrates how the geographies (provinces, cities) rank relative to one another in all four dimensions – economic, social, civic and democratic participation, and health – for the selected time period. These rankings show a relationship between the geographies (provinces, cities) such that some are ranked higher, lower or equal to another.

CIMI rankings need to be considered carefully when establishing their overall significance. Differences in rankings can be minimal and this is an important consideration in performance evaluation. These rankings should be looked at as ranges that can enable government and civil society to improve practices in provinces and cities; even geographies with high rankings can improve their overall performance. Feel free to filter through the dimensions or time periods that are of most interest.

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